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    Hamidah Sidek
    Hamidah Sidek


Master of Science (Biotechnology)


Hamidah Sidek is the Director of ICI Sensor since 2017. Industrial Centre of Innovation in Sensor known as ICI-Sensor focuses on developing products and services through Sensor Technology in the area of Biosensor, Photonics and Integrated Sensing System. The biosensor group focusing on developmental work on application of microfluidic system for dengue serotype detection under MESTECC DSTIN Program. Photonics group developed LED light system for night market, Underwater Fish Attraction LED Lamp V1 under MESTECC MYSI Program and Underwater Fish Attraction LED Lamp V2 and LED lighting system for chicken broiler under SIRIM Fraunhofer Program. Integrated Sensing System group focused on developmental of Kelulut Integrated Sensing System (KIIS) and Power Trip Monitoring System, Product tracking and verification (TrekPV) system under SIRIM Fraunhofer Program. We also developed Permit Monitoring System for PBT, Smart manhole management system for TELCO Vendor and QR Crypto security label for SQAS. We also working on Technology Audit for SMEs under SIRIM Fraunhofer Program, Readiness Assessment to evaluate the readiness of SMEs on the 4th Industrial Revolution under MITI Program. The department also has won numerous prestigious awards both locally and internationally.

Award & Recognitions

  1. Silver Medal Award for ITEX 2019
  2. Gold Medal Award for SIFF 2009
  3. Best of the Best Innovation for BioInno Award BioMalaysia 2009
  4. Gold Medal Award for BioInno Award BioMalaysia 2009
  5. Gold Medal Award for ITEX 2009
  6. Gold Medal Award for MTE 2009
  7. Silver Medal Award for ITEX 2004
  8. Gold Medal Award for S & T Expo 2004
  9. Silver Medal Award for Ekspo Penyelidikan & Inovasi 2005 UKM
  10. Silver Medal Award for IPTA R&D EXPO 2005
  11. Bronze Medal for Salon International des inventions GENEVA 2006
  12. Silver Medal for ITEX 2006

Technology Area

Biosensor , Biotechnology


Project Type Funder Role