Expert Details

   [email protected]


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) Chemical Engineering, UTM (2000)

Master of Science (Physic), UM (2016)


1. Technology Auditor


I started my career as an Associate Researcher at the Energy & Conductive Materials, AMREC, SIRIM Berhad in October 2002. I was promoted as a Researcher at the Electrochemical Materials Programme, and currently attached to Industrial Centre Of Innovation In Energy Management (ICI-EM). I have served SIRIM for almost 19 years. My R&D works are mostly funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) grants. I am involved in preparation of documents for proposal, design, equipment purchase and other related tasks. I am also responsible in managing projects according to the milestones in terms of pms, staffs, financial, reports and project activity. My R&D works include Materials synthesis (cathode/anode) for lithium ion battery & capacitor and  Battery & EDLC fabrication. Other than the specific technical areas mentioned above, I am an auditor for SIRIM Technology Audit under SIRIM Fraunhofer Programme.

Award & Recognitions

  1. ITEX'13 and achieved 2 gold medals
  2. ITEX 2014- Achievement Silver Medal. Economically Feasible Na-Ion Battery For Large Scale Stationary Energy Storage
  3. Participated in Si2TE 2017-bronze medal.

Technology Area

  • Materials synthesis (cathode/anode) for lithium –ion battery
  • Battery fabrication 
  • Material synthesis for EDLC
  • Fabrication EDLC


Project Type Funder Role
  Demineralized Mesoporous Carbon Derived From Mangrove Charcoal for Energy Storage Application   Grant   MOSTI   Project Leader
  MYLIPOS for stationary high power energy storage applications   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Development of Sodium ion (Na+) Storage System for Low Cost Energy Storage: As an alternative for Lithium ion (Li+) Battery   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Establishment of Road Worthiness of Passenger Car Powered by Locally Manufactured Lithium Ion Battery   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Binderless Graphene-Metal Oxide Composite Supercapacitor Electrode Prepared by Novel Simultaneous Electrophoretic-Electrochemical Deposition Method   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Pre-Commercialization of Li-ion Battery Module for Light Electric Vehicle(LEV) Application   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Development of Automated Convection Coffee Beans Roasting System and Ventilation System Improvement Complies to Halal and Mesti Requirement   Grant   SIIMF   Team Member
  Pembangunan Sistem dan Pengurusan Tenaga Untuk Pengeringan Padi   Grant   SIIMF   Project Leader
  Solar Powered compound Lighting System Using Lightweight Composite poles And My LIPOS Battery   Company (Commercial)     Project Manager
  Solar Powered compound Lighting System Using Lightweight Composite poles And My LIPOS Battery   Company (Commercial)   Majlis Daerah Mersing   Team Member