Expert Details

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Degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Vanderbilt University, Tennessee, USA (2007-2011)


A researcher with experience to lead project in few non-commercial projects, contribute in commercial and R&D project as a member project, involve in Social-Economy project as a member project and collaborate with other government agencies such as LKIM and Giat MARA by giving training on FRP Boat Repair and Multifunctional Tent for Flood Season. Approach Malaysian SMEs involved in manufacturing industry for technology audit, operate and maintain specific facilities/equipment according to ISO 9000 and implement OSHE/WI for quality and productive services. Compile technical report to provide technical background information. Conduct technical papers as a main and co-author and attend conference as oral and poster presenter. Person in-charge in workspace safety committee for Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Determining Control (HIRADC) and Environmental Management System (EMS).Involve in networking with R&D organizations, universities and other private sectors. (Seminars, Workshop etc.)

Award & Recognitions

  • Gold medal (ITEX’17)
    MYLIPOS for Stationary High Power Energy Storage Applications
  • Silver medal (ITEX’14)
    Surface Treatment to Improve the Interfacial Properties at Aluminium Carbon Composite Systems for Hi-Pressure Vessel

Technology Area

  • Solar Thermal Analysis and Design
  • Electrospinning : Process operating and monitoring
  • Materials Synthesis, Analysis and Characterization
  • Composite Laminate and Structural Design
  • Composite Tools Design, Fabrication and Engineering


Project Type Funder Role
  Integration of Plastics Separation Process Through Metal, Silicon, Rubber, Woodchip and Dust Remover System   Grant   MITI   Project Leader
  Innovative Fibreglass Boatmaking Facility Upgrade   Grant   MITI   Project Leader
  Development of Automated Syringe Filling Production Line   Grant   MITI   Team Member
  Design and Development of SIRIM Intelligent Energy Management Systems (SIEMS) for Electricity Peak Shaving   Grant   MITI   Team Member
  Vendors Development for Production of Smart Solar-Powered Compound/Streetlight System   Grant   MITI   Team Member
  MYLIPOS For Stationary High Power Energy Storage Application   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Khemah Serbaguna Berasaskan Komposit Dilengkapi Sumber Tenaga Elektrik Mudahalih   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Bengkel & Bimbingan Teknikal Kerja-Kerja Baikpulih Bot Komposit   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Kerja-Kerja Menaiktaraf Lampu Taman Jenis LED dan Kerja-Kerja Berkaitan di Taman Tasik Seksyen 7, Shah Alam untuk Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam, Selangor   Company (Commercial)   Neural Services Sdn Bhd   Team Member
  Development of Battery Packs with Battery Management System for Electric Light Commercial Vehicle (e-LCV)   Company (Commercial)   ORS Technologies Sdn Bhd   Team Member
  iii. Development of Electrospun Rayon based Carbon Nanofibre for Lithium-Ion Batteries Application   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  iv. Surface Treatment to Improve the Interfacial Properties at Aluminium Carbon Composite Systems for Hi-Pressure Vessel   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member