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Bsc Information Technology


1. Competency of project leader to manage and complete the project - More than 10 years in delivering commercial services in Biomedical and involved in grant projects (IRPA, Sciencefund, Fraunhoffer) - Experienced in design and development of a few research project in Biomedical application such as; MITI - Customised Biomedical Implants through Additive Manufacturing Technologies SIWP - Transforming Dental Appliances Manufacturer through Innovation and Digital Adoption to Enhance Efficiency and Productivity. 2. Strength and ability to lead project until completion - On going as Project Leader in SIIMF Project - Development of systematic piping, mixing, filling and packaging system for disinfectant production line - Hana Medic Sdn Bhd. Assist in Technology audit until project implementation. - Successfully secured new SIIMF Project - Development of systematic mixing and filling system for ECG & Ultrasound gel production line - MyMedic Sdn Bhd (May 2020). Waiting the letter offer from SFS. - Experienced in previous SIIMF - TAKO ASTATIC SDN BHD as Project Leader. Responsibility in prepare project proposal, procurement and project development. Project briefly about developing automated defect inspection system and cater piece by piece constraint. Basically, the automatic defect inspection system will detect and identify defective packaging using camera. Buzzer and revolving light will be triggered automatically if defect detected on the finish product. 3. Others More than 13 years experience in 3D Printing Technology / Additive Manufacturing/Rapid Prototyping technologies.

Award & Recognitions

1. Malaysian Technology Expo 2011 - SILVER MEDAL ( Design and Development of Below Knee Prosthesis Socket using CAD/CAE Optical Digitizing and Rapid Prototyping Technologies 2. MTE 2013 & ITEX 2013 - SILVER MEDAL ( Digital Imaging Technique to Custom Fabricate Prosthesis for Congenital Symes

Technology Area

3D printing, biomodeling (dental, craniofacial) , prosthetic design & fabrication)


Project Type Funder Role