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    Samsulida Abd Rahman


Ph.D in Sensor Technology Engineering, University Putra Malaysia, UPM B.Sc (Honours) in Industrial Chemistry, University Putra Malaysia, UPM


Start my career as a Researcher at the Industrial Biotechnology Research Centre (IBRC), SIRIM Berhad in July 2007. I was promoted as a senior researcher at the IBRC, SIRIM Berhad in July 2020 and has served SIRIM for almost 13 years. I am also the technical referee of various international journals and has published over 10 patents and publications in various fields. In addition, I was also involved in several technical committees such as ISO 9001 and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and act as a Deputy Test Facility Manager for GLP facility in IBRC. I am one of the coordinator for Good Laboratory Practice Facility Upgrade and also one of the coordinator for new and first in south East Asia for In Vivo Inhalation Toxicity Laboratory. I am involve in preparation of documents for proposal, layout design, equipment purchase and others. I am leader for Acute Inhalation Toxicity Testing (scope under Department of Standard Malaysia), Hemolytic study (under National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency) and Extractable and Leachable (E&L) Testing. SIRIM is the pioneer for E&L testing. Getting an hands on training for Extractable and Leachable - Testing and Assessment at Basel, Switzerland and Acute Inhalation Toxicity Testing - Nofer Institute, Poland, December 2019.

Award & Recognitions

a. ITEX 2006 - Silver Medal for the invention A biosensor prototype for rapid detection of histamine for freshness of seafood. b. ITEX 2008 - Gold Medal for the invention An amperometric biosensor for the detection of heavy metals in aqueous samples. c. Japan Intelectual Property Association (JIPA) Award for Best Invention of Biotechnology for the invention of An amperometric biosensor for the detection of heavy metals in aqueous samples (2008). d. SIRIM Berhad Quality Award - Appreciation of Best Research Team Award 2008 (Biosensor) e. BioInno Awards 2010, 1-3 Oktober 2010, Silver Medal. f. ITEX 2010, 14-16 May 2010, Silver Medal. g. Malaysia Technology Expo 2011, 17-19 Februari 2011, Bronze Medal.

Technology Area

a. QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM - ISO 9001 Requirements b. OECD GLP PRINCIPLES - GLP Compliance and requirements c. OECD GLP PRINCIPLES - Inspection, root course and CAPA d. OECD GLP PRINCIPLES - Test Facility Management e. OECD GLP PRINCIPLES - Quality Assurance f. OECD GLP PRINCIPLES - Archiving g. OECD GLP PRINCIPLES - Computerized System h. CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL ANALYSIS - Extractables and Leachables, Determination of Fatty Acid (FAME) i. CHEMICAL & PHYSICAL ANALYSIS - Determination of Fatty Acid (FAME) j. ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTATION - GC-FID, GC-MS and Headspace k. ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTATION - UV-Spectrophotometer l. ANALYTICAL INSTRUMENTATION - Inhalation system & chamber, Spectropan for particle size analyzer. m. BIOSENSOR TECHNOLOGY n. ANIMAL STUDIES - Acute systemic o. ANIMAL STUDIES - Acute Inhalation p. ANIMAL STUDIES - Hemolysis study q. NON-TECHNICAL - Planning, organizing, Problem Solving, Project Management, Handling of Specific Generic Equipment and Experimental Procedures, Specifying Technical Requirements for Consumables, and Spare Part of for the Laboratory, Planning and propose for upgrading and new facility for additional of test or for meet regulatory requirements, Operation Maintenance and Trouble Shooting of Inhalation System in IBRC, Assist of Generating Data for Specific Project (Collagen, Kenaf, Hartalega, etc)


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