Expert Details

   [email protected]
    Azreena Mastor
    Azreena Mastor


BSc Chemistry

MSc Polymer Engineering


Visiting Staff

Centre for Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering,

University of Sheffield,

United Kingdom

Technology Area

Biomaterials, Natural polymer processing, Natural product processing, Freeze Drying (Liophilization), Polymer characterization, Biopolymer


Project Type Funder Role
  Productivity Improvement on New Product Line Through Introduction of Fabric Spreading Cutting System (for surgical PPE)   Company (Commercial)   MITI   Project Leader
  Product Enhancement of Producing Local (In-House Production) of Carbon Fibre   Grant   MITI   Team Member
  Gelatin Waste Recovery for Softgel Production   Company (Commercial)   MITI   Project Leader
  Super Hydrophilic Porous Chitosan Scaffold for Chronic Wound   Grant   MOSTI   Project Leader
  High Transparency Cross-linked Chitosan/Hyaluronic Acid Biomimetic Membrane for Exudative Wound Treatment   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Conjugated Tin Sulphide (SnS) Quantum Dots with PAMAM for Bioimaging Application   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Synthesis, Purification and Characterization of Polyamidoamine Dendrimers   Internal   SIRIM   Team Member
  Pilot Production of Biodegradable Scaffold For Skin Regenerating Template From Natural Based Polymer   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Antimicrobial Chitosan Silver Composites For Potential Biomedical Application   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Synthesis and Characterization of Stealth Nanoparticles of Polyamidoamine and Its Potential in Encapsulating Anticancer Drugs For Site Specific Solid Tumor Treatment   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member
  Development of Skin Regenerating Template from Biomedical Grade Chitosan Derivatives for Wound Management   Grant   MOSTI   Team Member