Expert Details

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BSc in Chemistry (December 1994)


Associate Member of Institut Kimia Malaysia


She joined SIRIM as a Research Officer in March 1995 under the research and technonoly division and ever since serving the Environmental Technology Reserach Centre.  She has been actively involved in life cycle assessment projects when SIRIM first started to venture into LCA work in 2001. She manages the life cycle inventory database, i.e the Malaysian Life Cycle Inventory Database (MYLCID), conducts life cycle assessment and carbon foot-printing (CFP) projects, involves in the development of Type-1 ecolabelling criteria document (for SIRIM’s green labelling scheme) and product category rules for CFP (for SIRIM’s product CFP scheme).  She has been involved in various national and international collaboration projects relating to LCA.

Award & Recognitions

Bronze Award- 2004 MOSTIs Expo Science, Technology and Innovation (Utilisation of Biomass Residues for Optimisation of Municipal Solid Waste Combustion)

Gold Award-ITEX 2015 26th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition (SIRIM Karbon Kalkulator: Environmental Declaration Scheme for Construction and Building Materials)

Gold Award- Si2TE 2018 for PIPKAR (Environmental Awareness Board Game - Perubahan Iklim & Pelepasan Karbon)

Bronze Award-MTE 2019 for PIPKAR (Environmental Awareness Board Game - Perubahan Iklim & Pelepasan Karbon)

Technology Area

Environmental sustainability assessment via Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Product Carbon Footprint Analysis (CFP) Techniques

Quality Assurance for OECD-Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) 


Project Type Funder Role
  EU Switch Asia Environmental Declaration Scheme for Building and Construction Materials   Grant   European Commission   Team Member
  AsiaProEco II: Sustainable Production and Consumption as the Long-term Solution to Reduce Urban Environmental Degradation-Developing a Reference Framework for Electrical and Electronic Products   Grant   European Commission   Team Member
  Harmonising The Life Cycle Assessment Methodology for ASEAN Biofuel-Carbon Footprint   Company (Commercial)   ASEAN COST   Team Member
  LCA for Asian Countries & Establishment of LCA Methodology and Application in Malaysia   Grant   JEMAI Japan   Team Member
  National LCA & Ecolabelling Project   Grant   Ninth Malaysia Plan (RMke9)   Team Member